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Advanced Treatments for Optimal Oral Health and Comfort



Crowns are protective covers for teeth that are damaged or weakened, often following a root canal or when a large filling is no longer effective. They work by encasing the tooth, offering strength and safeguarding against further damage. The process requires two visits:

  • Prepare the tooth and take impressions
  • Fit and cement the permanent crown, ensuring a blend of durability and aesthetics with materials like porcelain or gold alloy.
Skillful dental technician showing anatomy of dental implant


Dental implants offer a long-term solution for missing teeth, involving a titanium shaft implanted into the bone to support a replacement tooth. This option is beneficial for individual teeth, as part of a bridge, and doesn’t strain adjacent teeth. Dr. Yaskus oversees the implant process, ensuring a seamless integration with natural teeth for improved oral health and bone preservation.

Dentist showing x-ray photo of jaws on computer screen to a male patient in dental clinic.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is necessary when tooth decay reaches the pulp, causing infection. This treatment removes the infected pulp, cleans the tooth’s canals, and fills them to prevent further issues. It’s a crucial step to save the tooth and alleviate pain, potentially followed by a crown for full restoration.



Bridges fill the gap left by missing teeth, anchored by adjacent teeth for support. They restore both the function and appearance of missing teeth, preventing the remaining teeth from shifting and causing further oral health issues. The materials chosen for bridges balance strength, wear, and aesthetics.

Man, toothache or pain in studio with gum problem, cavity or dental crisis by blue background. Mode

TMJ Treatments

TMJ disorders affect the jaw joint and can lead to pain, difficulty moving the jaw, and other symptoms. Treatments vary, including bite adjustments, replacing missing teeth, or using mouthpieces to reduce clenching. Early intervention can prevent the need for more invasive treatments, addressing the discomfort and restoring function.

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